Kicking It With The Holy Spirit

Beverly Bowman
6 min readDec 17, 2021

Nice to have the Holy Spirit looking out for me!

I don’t know about you! I talk to myself a lot, like all the time. I figure if I talk to myself I don’t have to worry about it being distorted or getting back to me in a mean-spirited way. “Because I already know”. This may not make sense to you. It works for me! Nobody knows me better than I know myself. Often times when I look in the mirror, the conversation begins. “When I tell myself how smart I am, how I am not getting older I am getting better. I constantly remind myself how much God loves me. “I remind God about how much He loves me”. I remind myself that I can get through any adversity that comes my way and will be better because of it. I talk to myself with confidence. I tell myself how beautiful and sexy I am. After all, if we don’t think good thoughts about ourselves, who will? Will you tell me?

When I want to help myself to become a better version of myself. I look to a higher being. “For me, that would be the Holy Spirit”.

If you were to read the Bible, you would learn that God is 3 People in One: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus was about to leave earth He made a promise to the disciples (John: 14–16 chapters). He told them God would send in his name a comforter, a helper. The Holy Spirit to teach them all things. Jesus promises not to leave us comfortless. “If Jesus were to stay. He, the comforter would not be able to come.

In Billy Graham’s Holy Spirit Pamphlet, it says, how Christ describes the Holy Spirit as a person with intellect, emotions, and will. He comes alongside us to advise, exhort, comfort, strengthen, intercede and encourage us.

Remember the last time you did something that you wish you didn’t do. And your response was, something told me not to do that. Or, I heard that little voice inside me telling me to turn right instead I turned left now I am lost. “That my friend was the Holy Spirit speaking to you. If we would tap into our inner self we would hear that voice more often. Just think of all the mistakes we could have avoided. Think about it!

“Therefore, I will not depend on anyone else to make me feel better about myself. I will not use other people to try and get ahead, I will not put other people down to make myself look good”.

What I will do is listen for that small voice that lives on the inside of me that has never promised to leave or forsake me. By no means am I going to sit here and pertend to be some big time christian that has it all together. Very far from it. God is still working on me! By no means am I trying to push my beliefs on anyone who happens to come across this article. I am just sharing a little something, something that works for me when I need encouragement and truth other than what man has to offer. Let’s face it. Everybody is going through something. If you are not, keep on living. One thing about the Bible, it doesn’t lie. Proverbs 4:4 said it best: My son attend to my words; incline thy ear unto my sayings. Why wouldn’t one want to listen to the one that created them? If anyone is able to see what we don’t see before we see it would be the Holy Spirit. Opinions have there place. But, the truth for those who believe is welcome. Look how we voice our opinions about all subjects across the board. Look at writing platforms. Ninety percent of the people who write on Medium, Linkedin are professional people who give their professional opinion. These professionals attended different types of Universities. Worked very hard for thier various degress. From bachlor’s to Assoiciates, to Master’s, MBA’s etc. Great for them! It has served them well throughout there lives. Allowed them to help others and for some live a lifestyle that is very much rewarding. When you really break it down. They are really voicing their professional opinion as they see it. Or as someone before them with a degree saw it. In this country, if you have a degree in something it’s concidered as a fact. But! Is it the truth? Doesn’t truth trumph facts? The Bible speaks truth. Whether one chooses to believe it or not is their choice. It still doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth.

99.9%, is factual. It’s called 99.9% and not 100% truth for a reason. We don’t know for sure if it’s true.

We take professionals at their word because 99% of the time, their opinions have never been challenged because they're professionals.

Studies have been taken on certain matters throughout history. Scientific evidence has proven facts! “Ten years later that same study through analysis and technology has changed”. Now the facts have changed! The truth needs no analysis or technology. It’s the truth! It speaks for itself. It will never change. The Holy Spirit is the truth! “Why would God place something inside us that is not true?”.

You go to the doctor, a professional in his/her field. They say to you, Mrs. Smith, you have a serious illness and there is nothing we can do to correct that. “Depending on your thought process, how you process this information determines the outcome of your illness. Will you listen to your own mind that will feed you negative thoughts because of what the doctor said?”. Or will you tap into that small voice? “The Comforter, who is whispering to you saying, you will get better don’t give up. Trust in what God has said believing this can be turned around”.

There are thousands, millions of people who have experienced situations like this and went with the voice inside believing what God said. Their prayers have truly been answered. “Don’t get me wrong! I am by no means suggesting that doctors are all wrong when they diagnosis someone with an illness”. God put doctors here for a special reason. “What I am suggesting is, we all have, a comforter who lives on the inside of us who has our best interests at heart, with the ability to change things”. It’s like getting a second opinion who just happens to be living on the inside of you. A helper, providing you believe!

To those of you who just might believe in the Holy Spirit. Here are a few suggestions on how to here from Him!

How to connect with the Holy Spirit?

  1. Receive more God in your life by reading the Bible. The Holy Spirit is like the middle man between you and God. According to Dr. James W. Goll Founder of God Encounters Ministries.
  2. Pray daily and meditate on the written word of God. Read the Word on a regular basis. “We must place Him in our heart so we can hear from him. By doing that every day our minds become renewed”. Renewed to God’s way of doing things.
  3. Get closer to the Word of God by focussing on Him all during the day by listening to gospel music, and teaching taps. keeping God at the forefront of our minds will allow us to stay connected to heaven. Give God praise in everything. When things come up in your life, talk to God about it first.
  4. We must Remember the HolySpirit is a gentleman. He will not force himself on us. We must at all times look to the Holy Spirit for guidance. His ways are much better than our ways.

I find that spiritual teachings and spiritual music can aide us in getting closer to God. Having a place for the Holy Spirit in our hearts is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

There is no guarantee we are going to wake up every morning. Those of us who are lucky enough to see another day. We, have no idea how our day is going to be. We can plan, plan, and plan. We still don’t know exactly how our day is going turn out.

For the believers!

“Being able to pray and speak with the Holy Spirit before we start our day, can help to make our day smoother”.

A lot of things in my life that have turned out for the good are due to depending on the supernatural being of the Holy Spirit and not my own thinking!

Just Sayin!



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